Quality at a Reasonable Price

01 Electrical Services

Saufley Electric specializes in residential and commercial repair, maintenance, and remodel. They are expert troubleshooters, will work on panel and service upgrades, can install low-voltage lighting...

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02 Solar Energy

Saufley Electric does expert installation of renewable energy products including photovoltaic (solar), wind, and back-up generators.  Saufley Electric brings quality workmanship and dependability to any renewable energy project.

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03 Advanced Lighting

Saufley Electric is part of the California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP), which is a statewide initiative aimed at increasing the use of lighting controls in commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

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04 Energy Efficiency

When you choose a BPI certified professional like Saufley Electric for your project, you get a member of the elite. BPI certified professionals have passed BPI’s rigorous written and in-field practical exams that verify their knowledge ...

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Saufley Electric does it all.

Whether it’s a new project or troubleshooting an electrical problem, their mission is quality workmanship and reliability at affordable prices. Electrical service upgrade, recessed lighting project, or minor repairs, you get the best with Saufley Electric. Protect the appliances and electronics in your home with whole house surge protection; lower your electric bill with a whole house fan. Light your landscape or barn; help with your telephone system, satellite TV, or data network. Call Saufley Electric at 268-0198. Give us a call; we’ll check your shorts!

Technologies Used

Blower_DoorBlower Door– The blower door is used to pressurize or depressurize a building to determine the volume of air leakage of the building.  Tests are performed before and after air sealing to determine the effectiveness of the air sealing measures, and to ensure that the building has the correct amount of ventilation per Building Airflow Standards set by ASHRAE.

Duct BlasterDuct Blaster – the duct blaster is used to pressurize ducts to determine the amount of air leakage of the ventilation ductwork.   Tests are performed before and after ductwork.  The goal is 0% leakage, although the State of California Energy Code Title 24 requires no more than 6% leakage in new construction, and no more than 15% leakage in retrofit/remodels.

ManometerManometer – the manometer is used with both the blower door and duct blaster to measure airflows in cubic feet per minute.  

Infrared CameraInfrared Thermographic Camera – the infrared thermographic images show the amount of infrared energy that objects are radiating or reflecting.  Images can reveal areas of investigation, showing potential energy losses, leaks, or excessive temperatures.

Gas Leak DetectorGas Leak Detector – The gas leak detector is used to “sniff” every inch of exposed gas piping, joints, and connections.  

Testo 327 Combustion AnalyzerCombustion Analyzer – The combustion analyzer is used to analyze flue gasses from combustion appliances such as furnaces, domestic hot water heaters, ovens, and cook tops.  The analysis reveals a number of critical elements present in the combustion process, most importantly the amount of carbon monoxide present in the flue gasses.  

PsychrometerPsychrometer -  the psychrometer measures the amount of moisture in the atmosphere and the surface of objects being measured.  

Video BorescopeVideo Borescope – the borescope is used to see inside places we cannot see with the naked eye.