There is an extremely crowded marketplace when it comes to photovoltaic renewable energy systems, more commonly referred to as solar. The ads blare from television, radio, billboards, and bus benches. Our neighborhood, like neighborhoods everywhere, has been plastered by leaflets and flyers with offers. Classes we took on photovoltatic systems were filled to overflowing with people trying to get in on the game, get a piece of the pie.

So with so much noise, which claims do you believe, what company do you choose, and why would you choose Saufley Electric for your solar project installation? Here’s a few reasons why.

Saufley Electric installs exclusively systems owned by homeowners or commercial property owners. By owning your photovoltaic system, you benefit directly by receiving utility rebates and federal tax credits, as well as the utilizing the power generated by your solar array. We can assist you with information on the financing options available.

If you are a discriminating homeowner who cares about quality, Saufley Electric is your choice. The solar market has been full of companies that come and gone. In our daily work we have been called to repair solar systems, where sadly we hear the same story over and over: the company who installed the system is no longer in business or no longer answers calls. We have seen broken inverters, cheap panels buckling, and shoddy wiring. Contrast, Saufley Electric has been in business for over 20 years. We have built our reputation on quality and reliability, and by being accountable to our customers.

Our systems perform: we install AC panels, with integrated micro-inverters. This is a huge advantage over DC systems with a single inverter, which is often the single point of failure for an entire array. The MAGE panels we install are manufactured in the USA. We use major name brand US manufacturers for balance-of-system components whenever possible. The MAGE panels and micro-inverters we install have a 30 year performance warranty, unmatched in the photovoltaic industry. But we are not exclusively limited to one manufacturer; we can choose the option that suits your situation best.

We have experience, and then some. Our team of photovoltaic professionals has successfully completed hundreds of installs. We have a NABCEP certified installer on staff. NABCEP stands for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practicioners, and they set the standards nationwide. Did you know that many solar companies in business today do not send an electrician to the jobsite for installations? They save money and increase profits by having an unskilled worker acting on an electrician’s instructions . . . over the phone. An electrician may never physically see your project. It’s a disturbing trend, and one that won’t happen with Saufley Electric.

If you want a solar system installed that performs, has a 30 year warranty, and want to go with a company for your project utilizes a team of experts that will stand behind their work, choose Saufley Electric.